"These books are providing invaluable global exposure to our students & making learning process fun and easy. It has been helping both teachers and students in escalating the learning outcomes."

Ram Ekwal Thapur
Head Teacher, Shree Secondary School, Baghachaura

Old Books Give New Life

Book Reach is expanding literacy and educational opportunities for thousands of Nepal's poorest students through a unique library recycling service. Second-hand library books are brought into Nepal to support teachers in the government's English language programme.

This charity receives 'readers' and simple non-fiction books from a growing selection of donor schools in Singapore and Malaysia. On arrival they are transported immediately down to the district of Makwanpur. From there they are transported by jeep, bus and porter to the targeted areas.

Book Reach is run by Doreen Johnstone, a former educational advisor to the Nepal Government, who now lives in Malaysia. The project is personally supported by Mr Badri Batterai, the District Education Officer of Makwanpur.

Book Reach relies entirely on private donations, which are used to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the books to their beneficiary schools. 2013 was the project's first year of operation, when it delivered 252 kg of books. Since then the weight of consignment has risen from 1,071 kg in 2014 to 3,000 kg in each of the last 3 years. 22 schools in the town area of Hetauda have received books and 16 of them have had libraries furnished.