Project Calendar

August 17 – October 11 2016: 2 months working in Hetauda

New Libraries
This year was a ‘bumper year’ for Book Reach, with 3,005 kg of books received. We were able to furnish five new libraries with over 1,200 books in each. In four libraries we had to discard many old damaged books, which provided a useful lesson in the respect of books – and highlighted the value of our hard-backed books! Teachers and students played a positive role in the layout and colours introduced into their individual libraries.

Teacher Guidelines
A useful booklet outlining the necessity of reading and suggesting activities and teaching methods was produced by Book Reach and handed out to all the libraries that had received our books.

This year started with a meeting of all the headteachers of our receiving schools. Book Reach is aware that in the Nepali educational culture, it is particularly important to have the involvement and encouragement of headteachers. We coupled this with the involvement of some teachers giving demonstrations of their successful teaching methods.

Teacher Guidelines booklet