Project Calendar

January – February: A short visit to Nepal and stop over to see our donor schools in KL on the way back to Sabah

February 1st – 20th
Book Reach now has 17 schools that have received books and 11 of them have had libraries furnished for them. As the numbers of teachers now responsible for the effective use of these books have grown, we decided that a Feedback meeting would be useful. This was arranged for 7th February 2017.

16 teachers attended the meeting and we were all able to share methods and problems in the management of the books and their use by the students. The teachers submitted, on their individual school paper, ideas for further practical development and requests.

Meeting with Mr Krishna Paudel, the Section Officer of the I/NGO & Volunteer Co-ordination Section of the Department of Education, Sanothimi. We discussed the procedure for the DoE to manage the arrival of the consignment of books at the airport and their transport down to Hetauda. This assurance was encouraging. The hours spent with customs and clearance was always arduous and delayed our departure to Hetauda. The costs incurred have limited the scope of our work and are now seen to be inappropriate.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – on return to Sabah, there were visits to:

  • Soyka Krupa at the Alice Smith Primary School
  • Peter Rider at Nexus International schools
  • Jennifer Abbot and Sara Sheldon at the Garden International school
  • Deborah Clohesy at Mutiara International Grammar school
  • Mr Bernard Chang of CL Gemilang Logistics Sdn Bhd, our wonderful freight agent

Janine Murphy of the British school and Suji Dehart – two new donor schools – gave assurance that they had books already boxed up and ready for us.

On 15th February I met with Sharmila Vella who is the PR for Raja Sa’adi Raja Amrin at the Malindo Air office. She was able to confirm my past communication with Mr Raja Sa’aidi Raja Amrin and his supportive response. I expect to soon have some confirmation of their offer of a 50% discount on the book freight in October in return for an article in their Inflight magazine.