Donors & Sponsors

The Garden International School

Siobhan Roulston was Chief Librarian of the Garden School in Kuala Lumpur. She was approached in October 2013 and asked to contribute towards the work undertaken by Book Reach.

It was wonderful that Siobhan decided to come to Nepal in 2016 to see what we do and to ‘get her hands dirty’. This is exactly what she did as she reorganised the library in GS Niketan.

Siobhan has now been replaced by new librarians and their enthusiasm to continue the school’s support is greatly appreciated. I am particularly grateful to Nadiya for her knowledge of suitable books and the time she has spent over the allocation and boxing of books since 2013.

A certificate of Appreciation being presented to Jennifer Abbott and Nadiya

Siobhan at Siddhartha School

The Alice Smith School (Primary Campus)

Since 2014, Kirsten Gallagher gave her generous support to Book Reach with the appropriate discarded books from their library. Nesa and Ayu have been invaluable with their added help. Kirsten has now been replaced by Soyke Krupa. Thank you Kirsten for your three years of support. Soyke has helped us with the logistics of collecting the boxes from all the KL donor schools. We so appreciate this extra help.

Nexus International School

The Head of Primary, Mr David Griffiths, and the Head of Libraries, Peter Rider, welcomed Doreen to their introductory meeting in 2015. Although a relatively new school, they kept the needs of Book Reach in mind and boxed up many books for the 2016 and subsequent dispatches.

Peter has now left Nexus, but I was able to meet his replacement Elizabeth Brett, Matthew Scott and YaYa in March 2018. They were pleased to continue the valuable contribution that Nexus gives to our collection of books.

The British School

2017 – We are happy and grateful to add the British School to our list of donor schools. Thank you Janine Murphy for your interest in the work that we do. We are glad that we have not lost contact by you moving to Tanglin Trust school, Janine!

Datuk Victor Paul

2017 – A very special thank you to Datuk Victor for his continued contributions towards the work of Book Reach.

The Alice Smith School (Secondary Campus)

Mr Robert George contributed much in time and advice to Book Reach. He puts aside discarded lower secondary fiction as well as appropriate magazines and course books.

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Mr Thomas Abraham assures Book Reach that we remain on their list of beneficiaries for the discarded books from their Primary library.

2017 – Thank you Suji Dehart for securing a sizeable collection of primary books for us.

Mount Kiara International School

Thank you Jennifer Gibson-Mills, for agreeing to donate a large collection of discarded books to Book Reach.

Mr Bernard Chang of CL Gemilang Logistics

Mr Bernard Chang has continued to be our efficient freight agent and friend in Kuala Lumpur. He has kindly stored boxes free of charge when donor schools in Kuala Lumpur have found their own storage insufficient. He has also donated coloured labels for the teachers in Nepal to use when they will be classifying the books this year. Thank you so much, Bernard, for your generosity and in getting the boxes air-freighted to Kathmandu year after year – and now organising the sea freight of books to Sabah

The Sutera Rotary Club

The Sutera Rotary Club contributed the finances to make a beautiful library in Shree Amar Secondary School. This is now called The Sutera Library.

Sajanraj displays the Sutera Library board before it is put up over the door

Margaret Chitty

Doreen’s sister, Margaret Chitty, gave finances to furnish a library in Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School. This is the Chitty Library.

My sincere thanks to the sponsors of these specific libraries. I hope a communication can be struck up between the libraries and students and their sponsors.

The Kinabalu International School (KIS), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

KIS has been a faithful supporter of Book Reach since 2016. Discarded books collected by the parents of the school in 2019 were passed onto us and delivered to S K Mutiara School.

The school agreed to make Book Reach their charity for the profits of their Summer Fete in 2019. This considerable contribution made it possible for us to put down a high-quality carpet in our new school libraries – thus avoiding the need for floor cushions, which take up a lot of space.

Datin Betty Hiew

(Past President of Sutera Rotary)

Datin Betty Hiew contributed the finances to make a library in Shree Nova Jyoti Secondary School. This is the Hiew Library.

A Demonstration Workshop in the new Hiew library

Hari puts finishing touches to the Chitty library board for Chandrodaya School

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