Project Calendar

March – May 2014

The delivery of boxes came in two consignments:

1. | 23 boxes weighing 524 kg from Tanglin School and St Joseph’s International school in Singapore arrived promptly on 29th March. Unfortunately some of the large boxes had split – an early lesson in packing! But the books survived the spill and were transported in large bags to the Department of Education building, where a room for some sorting had been offered by the Director General.

2. | The consignment from Malaysia was delayed, but with a wonderful and prompt rescue from Chandra Sapkota of Fair Flight Traders & Cargo in Thamel, the 38 boxes (547 kg) found a space on a Malaysia Airlines flight and arrived on 2nd May.

Twelve schools received books from this delivery: three in the Kathmandu area, two in a remote region of Ghorka, six in Hetauda, and one in a school in the far west. All of these schools were personally chosen as schools in which the head-teachers were committed to pursuing a programme of literacy development through books.

English teachers were already in place to take responsibility for the distribution of the books, either in classrooms or allocated libraries. All the schools were challenged by a lack of library furniture, but we were planning to use expanding donations to meet these needs, along with future books.

Book launch at Sita Bal Bikas school, Kathmandu.

Boxes stored in central education office, Sanothimi, Kathmandu.

Books for new secondary library arrive in Adhumik school, Hetauda.

A broken box arrives in Kathmandu air cargo hall: All rescued with minimum fuss!