Support in Nepal

Government Support

Mahendra Paudyal, the past Under Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has been a friend since Doreen Johnstone arrived in Nepal in 2007 and his continuing support of Book Reach is untiring and indispensable.

From its inception, Book Reach has also benefited from the personal support of Lava Awasthi, the former Under Secretary of the Ministry of Education, who is now the Chairman of Nepal’s Language Commission.

Badri Parthak, a friend from the Hetauda DEO, is now in the Regional Education Directorate. His office, within the Office of the Chief Minister, is now in possession of all the details concerning the work undertaken by Book Reach, and his assurance of support in the continuing development of library use is gratefully acknowledged.

Mahendra Paudyal presenting Rishi Ram Pokharel with the first book from the four boxes delivered to Adhunik School in August 2013

Mahendra Paudyal

Outside the Regional Office. Badri Parthak (L) & Dipendra Shrestha (R)

Friends of the project

The appointment of Krishna Gopal Shrestha as the Project Manager of Book Reach has assured improved communication and responses between our donor schools and receiving schools.

In 2017 the headmaster of Adhunik School, Mr Rishi Ram Poherel, retired. Mr Poherel has worked closely with Doreen since 2007 and, in August 2013, he was the first headmaster in Hetauda to welcome Book Reach. Adhunik School continues to be our focal school and the present headmaster, Mr Birbansh Baitha, continues to graciously provide the support and facilities that help so much with the work we do.

Mr Purnam Joshi has offered his advice over ways of encouraging teachers to bring library use into their daily timetables and further a reading culture. His extensive experience and support is much appreciated.

How can you help us?

If you would like to help us bring the joy of reading to some of Nepal's most disadvantaged communities, we would love to hear from you!