Project Calendar

November 12-15

Siobhan Roulston (The Garden School) and her librarians welcomed me back and we discussed the value of the books already sent and repeated the need for Infant and Primary level books containing simple English and bright pictures. As there was not enough storage space for the boxes to pile up until July, it was agreed that the next consignment would be dispatched in March/April.

Kirsten Gallagher (Alice Smith School) has taken over the post of Primary Librarian here and we discussed the need for simple books in Nepali schools. As part of her settling into and sorting this library, Kirsten had many books to send. She put me in touch with Robert George of the Secondary Library and I was able to tell him of our specific needs for the Secondary libraries we support in Nepal.

Siobhan Roulston, Nadiya, Doreen, Farah, Sharifah & Wani

Denise Miller (The Australian School) is in a new donor school and it was a pleasure to meet Denise and Umi Salmah, the library administrator. We focused on Science course books which they will be able to pass on to us as they are renewing their stock.

The British School is still too young to be able to supply old library books, but I was able to talk with Julie Muir, the librarian, with regard to future donations.

This consignment of 1067 kgs left KL on 1st April bound for Kathmandu. It was cleared at customs by Mr Raj Bhatta and was taken to our usual safe storage at the Ministry of Education in Sanothimi, Kathmandu.