Project Calendar

September – December 2018

Book Reach set up three new libraries in Kalika school, Mount Everest English Boarding school and Hamro Ghar Orphanage. We have now equipped and furnished nineteen libraries in the Hetauda town area. Seven of these schools have both primary and Secondary libraries. All the libraries have a teacher-librarian who has the responsibility of making the library timetable, so that each class in the school has at least one hour in the library each week. In most of the schools all the teachers that teach a primary class have attended a workshop that has guided them with ideas of how to maximize the use of books outside the curriculum. A model library lesson has been designed and discussed by the teachers. Eight of the school libraries have been given a substantial collection of mixed-ability Nepali books.

12–14 November
REED – an NGO focused on training teachers in the management of libraries and the subsequent development of literacy – came, at the request of Book Reach , to give a training to 24 teacher/librarians at Hetauda school in Hetauda. Thank you to Ujjwal Amatya, Toya Ammai and Upendra Joshi for the work they put into this informative workshop.