Donor Schools

Joana Gloria says goodbye to the boxes from Tanglin School

Tanglin Trust School

The first donor school to contribute used library books to Book Reach was the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. Since 2013, Tanglin has faithfully identified the most appropriate books from their three beautiful libraries. We are extremely grateful to the CEO, Craig Considine, for continuing the interest and support held by the school and his predecessor, Peter Derby Crook.

The United World College of South-East Asia (East Campus)

Barbara Reid introduced Doreen and Book Reach to the International School Library Network. This organization agreed to support us with freight charges in 2015 and in 2017. In 2016 they provided the Singapore donor schools with strong boxes for packing the books. I am very grateful to the ISLN for their support in these practical ways and especially to Barbara for this introduction and her continued help.

St Joseph's International School

Mr Kevin Hannah has taken a personal interest in supporting Book Reach. This year the school has generously donated funds from one of their charity functions. Over and above all the donated books, this is much appreciated. And thank you Siti for understanding so well the needs of our Nepali students.

Chatsworth International School

In 2016, Elaine Fong, Head of Library, kindly donated 8 boxes of discarded Infant and Junior library books.

Kate Brundage of The Singapore American School has supported Book Reach in 2016/17. This school has many other beneficiary programmes but Kate still takes the time to understand the needs of our Nepali students and to put aside the books for us.

Book Reach would also like to thank Dr Irina Francken TEP and Madhusudari M Patel, the Honorary Consul General in the Consulate of Nepal, who have both been sound advisors in their wholehearted support of Book Reach and the growth of libraries in the Hetauda District.

Tanglin Primary Library Team

Farewell photo with Peter Derby Crook

Barbara Reid UWCSEA

Australian International School

It was a pleasure to meet Linda Twitchett for the first time. She will consider the needs of our students in Nepal as she weeds their Primary library.

The Canadian School

In 2017, Lisa Miller of the Canadian school offered to organise the collection of all donated boxes into the Canadian school storage. This helped with the cost of the freight. I am very grateful to the ISLN for suggesting this and making it possible. It was a pleasure to meet Melissa Copper this year. Apart from firming up on the time of collecting the boxes in September, as President of ISLN, Melissa will be able to keep the needs of Book Reach in the minds and consideration of the members.

How can you help us?

If you would like to help us bring the joy of reading to some of Nepal's most disadvantaged communities, we would love to hear from you!